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Digital Marketing Sri Lanka

Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes Social Media Marketing , Search Engine Marketing, Web-Based Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Epceylon Digital Marketing Sri Lanka is a full-scale digital marketing agency with highly qualified marketing experts.


Why Epceylon ?

Years of experience with local and foreign clients with unparalleled service.

Unlimited support

We identify importance of your business and the value of friendly support.

Social Media Marketing Sri Lanka

Social media marketing is a rapidly growing form of advertising. 

In 2022 social media ad spending is expected to cost a total of approximately 75.3 Billion US Dollars, a 25% increase from the previous year.

Better contents

Real followers

Effective advertising

We Are Socially Aware

Did you know that 93.4% of internet users globally have an active social media presence, with over 424 million new users have joined various social media platforms within the last 12 months alone?

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that 93% of brands globally have at least one new consumer as a result of a social media video they released.
A typical social media user uses five different platforms for 95 minutes a day, which is spread out over five different platforms. What does it take to get recognized, then, becomes an obvious question.

According to market research, the solution unquestionably lays in developing a social media marketing campaign that is tailored to the particular requirements and target audience of a brand.

As a leading provider of digital marketing services in Sri Lanka, it is our job to stay current with industry news. No matter what the information is—emerging trends, market gaps, or research data—our strength is in our capacity to adapt and use it to produce interesting content.

Display Ads

Having a visually eye-capturing online advertisement can help promote, target, and display your business brand to millions of potential buyers. With Epceylon as your professional display advertising agency, your business can create tailored banners, images, colors, dynamic texts, videos, logos, and ad extensions. We can also retarget anyone who interacts with your ads to keep your brand showing up wherever they go on the web.

Learn how to establish brand awareness, build relevance, and generate more conversions for your business with Epceylon Digital Marketing Sri Lanka.


80% of businesses increase in brand awareness and sales from PPC advertisements. Have your business advertisements be seen by the right audiences on Google and Bing with Epceylon’s PPC service Sri Lanka to enhance your search engine marketing. PPC management saves you time and increases traffic to your website.

Learn more about gaining more engagement, impressions, and conversions through pay-per-click advertising with Epceylon digital marketing Sri Lanka.

Our Digital Marketing Services Sri Lanka

Channel-specific social media services
Campaign and community management
Account\profile creation and branding
Content creation
Content publishing
Research and analysis