Website Maintenance


Website Maintenance, Site Security, and Support

We provide a complete website maintenance service from a small content update, bug fixing, troubleshooting, critical security updates, SSL installation, module configurations, installation to version upgrades and much more.

Our years of expertise, well-defined process, and innovative work approach has helped clients to increase their customer base and trust. Our key to success is building a long-term business relationship with our valued customers that go beyond one-time project.

Epceylon website maintenance Sri Lanka have a youthful and experienced team of specialists ready to take on any challenges and duties to keep your website operating effectively and smoothly so you can focus on what’s important to you instead of spending time hiring professionals in-house.

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Website maintenance Sri Lanka

Epceylon Sri Lanka provides your company with a custom and comprehensive website maintenance plan that helps your business deliver a fast, secure, and seamless online experience.

Plus, we offer turnkey marketing solutions for maximizing your site’s performance.

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Why Are Support And Maintenance Services Important For Your Business Website?

You have a well-designed, fully functional, and optimized business website. Your business website cost you pennies to create. But for some reason, you choose to forgo hiring website support and maintenance professionals. You may have felt that investing in website maintenance services was a waste of money, or you may have been overconfident that there wouldn’t be any issues with your website in the future. You must purchase website maintenance plans in order to maintain your website operational whenever you need to make updates or encounter problems.

Unfortunately, only two months after going live, there were some technical issues with your website. You then went to the website building company where you had signed a contract for your website, but this time you ran into another jerk. The business rejected your request by asserting that their website maintenance and assistance had ended the month before.

You are now helpless! You neither possess these skills nor are able to ask someone else because doing so would compromise the confidentiality of your company.

Due to your inability to satisfy your consumers and lack of assistance, you are in the greatest risk. A website maintenance company steps in to help when there is nothing left that can salvage your business ideas.

~ Pricing Plan ~

Our Maintenance Plans


Basic Plan

For personal blogs, company websites, and similar type of websites.
  • Weekly backup (Full site + DB)
  • Monthly wp-core update
  • Monthly Plugin update
  • Monthly Theme update
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monthly security check
  • Up time checker
  • Search console check (if configured)
  • Sitemap updates
  • Customer service

Standard Plan

For mid-range business websites.
  • Weekly backup (Full site + DB)
  • Weekly wp-core update
  • Weekly plugin update
  • Weekly theme update
  • Plugin Audit & Optimizations
  • Monthly reporting
  • Daily security check
  • Up time checker
  • Search console setup and check
  • Virus/Malware removal
  • Broken link monitoring and repair
  • Customer service

Premium Plan

For Enterprise websites.
  • Daily backup (Full site + DB)
  • Daily wp-core update
  • Daily plugin update
  • Daily theme update
  • Plugin Audit & Optimizations
  • Monthly reporting
  • On-demand reporting
  • Daily security check
  • Up time checker
  • Search console setup and check
  • Virus/Malware removal
  • Broken link monitoring and repair
  • 9-to-5 Crash protection
  • Customer service

What separates theme from all other web design agencies is the ability to offer.
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Security management
  • Secure finance backup
  • Remote support
Weekly Backups

A new backup of your complete site is done weekly.  We can restore you site from a previous backup if needed.

Weekly Updates

Each week we check and update your sites Plug-ins, Theme, and WordPress interface if needed.

Customer Service – Email, Chat, and Phone

If you have any questions or concerns during your service, you are welcome to email, live chat, or call us during normal business hours.

Monthly Reporting

You will receive a report each month showing updates that have been done to your site and backups.

Weekly Security Checks

Your website will have a security check run each week to make sure no malicious malware or any other security vulnerabilities are on your site.

Up-time Monitor

Monitor your website Uptime and get notifications email and/or text if your website goes down 24/7.

Malware Removal

If we detect or find malware on your website, we will work instantly to remove it from your site.

9-to5 Crash Protection

If a site crash is detected or we are notified, we will get to work on fixing the issue immediately without you needing to notify us during normal business hours.